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Monitor Arms, Keeping Comfort at Arm’s Length

 In Ergonomics, Office Interiors Denver

monitor arms

The Secret is Out!

It’s no secret that sitting at a desk all day puts a substantial amount of stress on your body. For that reason, the demand for ergonomic office furniture is on the rise. There are countless options that will make your work space more enjoyable and refreshing to be in. In fact, you’ll be amazed at how even the smallest adjustment can make a large difference. Small changes can dramatically affect how you feel during and after work. One of those minor, yet effective adjustments would be to provide a nice set of monitor arms for your desk.


Monitor Arm Functionality

Monitor arms attach to your work surface and support your computer monitors at an elevated position. There are many advantages to having monitor arms. The most important of them is the ability to adjust the monitor arms so that your computer monitors are at eye level. This is crucial because it prevents neck pain caused by looking down at your computer monitor all day. The monitor arms are incredibly mobile, allowing you to move the computer monitors closer or further when your eyes begin to feel strained. Typically having your screens at arms length is the ideal position.


Clutter Today, Gone Tomorrow

Furthermore, monitor arms help to eliminate clutter and give you more space at your desk. This is wonderful because cleanliness often helps to promote productivity. There are many different styles of monitor arms to choose from that will surely give any drab work area a modern, trendy look. Aside from just being pleasing to the eyes, it is a relief to know that the monitor arms are quite easy to install or uninstall onto your work surface. There just seems to be no disadvantages to having monitor arms, as a matter of fact we sure do love ours here at Office Interiors Denver.


Author: Jeramey Reed

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