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Custom Woodwork in the Office

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Custom woodwork in the office can really make your space pop!


Try Something New

How can you accent a wall in the office? Wallpaper, paint and woodworking have all been options. Let’s face it, wallpaper is outdated and can sometimes be…well, tacky. Paint is the tried and true way of making a room stand out with the cliche “accent wall”. While mixing and matching color palettes can be overbearing for some and it can also have a “flat” look to the room in the end. So why not try something new? Add some custom woodwork to your office to make the room really pop! “Out with the old and in with the new”


a side by side comparison

So What is it?

What exactly is a custom woodwork wall and how is it installed? Distressed ship-lap wood planks (pictured above) are attached to your preexisting wall using finishing nails sporadically. It’s almost like hanging pictures on the wall. No messy adhesives are needed that fill your space with strong fumes or destroy the drywall during take-down. Different woods, finishes and colors can be done to suit your personal and professional tastes and most applications can be done in a few days with minimal downtime and noise. Lengths and designs of the wood vary by space but full-length planks are usually limited to a 11 foot width wall, otherwise a randomized design is used to fill the space. Companies eventually move and grow, and when that time comes, it’s as simple as removing the planks from the wall and patching the small holes left behind by the finishing nails.

Just Walls?

Walls aren’t the only thing that custom wood can be used to spruce up the place (no pun intended). Some other applications can be: custom tables, tiled cubicle workstations, tiled architectural walls and unique pieces. Just let us know what you want to accomplish and we can explore the possibilities.


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