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Laying It Out With A Layout

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A layout helps plan out your space.

Full Picture

So you’ve decided to upgrade your current space or you are moving into a shiny new location. Now you want some brand new furniture to go along with your improved space. You know how many people you need to seat and roughly where they all go, however you don’t know the details. How many people can we fit in this area? What size of space should each person get? Do we have room to expand? Sure, you may know some or all of these questions, but are you 100% sure everything will fit and work together? Time to take a bird’s eye view with a layout and get the full picture of who, what, where and why.

The Who, What, Where, and Why of a Layout

The who of your space determines where each person sits and how well they will work with those around them. I don’t mean from a personal aspect, but rather on a business productivity point of view. Sometimes placement can play a key role in the productivity of an office. Being able to see where everyone is at the same time in one snapshot is a great way to plan out the arrangement of people.

The what of your space is simply how it looks.  How does the desk look? How many filing drawers does each person get? Do you have overheads? Task lights? Keyboard trays? The list goes on. This is where most people spend the most of their time focusing, for obvious reasons. This is the fun shopping portion of your new space.

The where of your space determines what can fit. How big is the desk? Is there a window in the way? Are we meeting ADA standards for all walkways? This is the part where we sometimes make alterations and get creative to suit your needs and make your space comfortable and productive at the same time.

Finally we come to the why of your space. You want to make sure everyone has what they need in order to be successful. Why are we getting a 18ft conference table instead of the 14ft? Why are we getting keyboard trays? (see our post on keyboard trays here ). This is the functionality of your space.

Now When?

Lastly, you’re wondering where the when is? Well, that is completely on you. Our sales team is ready to help plan our your space and make it the best suit for you.


Author: Jeramey Reed

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