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Some Class with Glass

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The office is your space to brainstorm, to share and to create. Why not do it in style? Get some class, with some glass.

Glass Class

An awesome way to improve the look and style of an area is by replacing that old, outdated dry-erase whiteboard with a glass board. Glass boards offer all the same assets as traditional whiteboards, including the ability to write and erase with ease. There are, however, more advantages to making that switch.

Visually, these boards steal the show. They’re appealing to the eye, fun to write on, and make it a treat to present your proudest, most innovative ideas to any team of gracious onlookers. Glass boards are available in different shades and colors, frosted or non-frosted, on wheels or wall bound. They are easy to clean and prove tremendously successful in maintaining that fresh, streak free look throughout the extent of their use. Say goodbye to unsightly smudges and stains.

Looks aside, not only are glass boards quick and simple to install, but they are also durable. When most people think of glass, they think thin and breakable. Do not be deterred, because this is not your standard glass. In fact, glass boards are made with tempered glass, which is extensively stronger than that of its more fragile counterpart. To explain, the complex process of being treated with heat and chemicals gives tempered glass its remarkable strength and lastingness. In short, whether you have the glass board fit snugly on a wall in your work office or have taken advantage of the mobile glass board, it is sure to outlast and impress throughout the years.

So What’s The Catch?

You might be wondering to yourself, what’s the catch? While glass boards may be a slightly more expensive upgrade, the durability, personality, and professionalism that they add to any work space make this a classic case of money well spent. So the catch is, your space is going to look AMAZING!…we apologize in advance.


Author: Desiree Butler

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